About the founder.

PD Moffat 

     Pamela has her own special brand of alchemy—a mixture of extensive experience, insight, intuition, and heart.   This has transformed brands, helped companies find common ground, and produced award-winning campaigns.
     Over the course of her career, Pamela has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s greatest brands including General Electric, Unilever, Mars, Mobil, Bristol-Myers, New Balance, Tag Heuer and Absolut.   She has also taken great pleasure in helping innovative start-ups, both in the US and Europe, develop competitive, vital brands.
     Pamela’s marketing approach starts with the foundation of every business, its mission.  This approach has helped companies clarify, evolve or completely overhaul their mission, breathing new life into the company, its employees and its place in the world.
     When asked why she has earned the loyalty of so many long-term clients, she says,  “It’s simple.  I listen.  I understand the issues they are dealing with and I know the market. I earn their trust… and I honor it."




"Her inventive, out-of-the-box ideas from concept to final output were nothing short of transformational..."

   Paula Panzella,

Former Board  Member,  Mead

Branding and Marketing Consultants