PD Moffat 

Branding and Marketing Consultants 

"Pamela is incredibly smart and meticulous, combining strong strategic thinking and communications skills with technical understanding, high emotional intelligence and a winning personality."

Rob Densen

Founder, Tiller

Former SVP, Director of Corporate Affairs, Oppenheimer​

What we do.

While every brand and marketing issue is different, PD Moffat’s  fundamental approach is similar. 

Phase I: Discovery
Beginning with a brand audit, we speak to all critical stakeholders and influencers. This phase also includes a deep-dive into the product where, depending on the complexity, we get scientists and engineers involved in the process.  We comb through all available research and if essential information is missing, we find a way to get it.  We thoroughly examine the competition, their products and their marketing strategies to determine how we can disrupt the marketplace.  At the conclusion, we present our findings, a SWOT analysis, and agree to next steps.

Phase II: Strategic Development
Strategic development is multi-pronged: 1)Analysis of the Mission,

2) Target audience analysis,  3)Creative strategy, and 4)Media strategy.  This is a collaborative process that brings the team together and provides consensus on the way forward.

 Phase III:  Execution
The work comes to life on the website, in advertising, social media, sales materials and internal communications.

"Pamela is facile at assuring all parties their contributions are valued and heard. Her calm demeanor and palpable intellect assuage stakeholders that her proposals will bring the results sought. She knows what works. She knows how to get it done."

Linda Powell

Former Chairman of the Board, Mead