"Working together for six years, Pamela demonstrated great strategic insights, strong leadership, and a passion for branding. As a result, we enjoyed significant growth in market share and brand 


  Bruce Dunbar, Former

SVP, Corporate Communications, OppenheimerFunds

"Pamela's a rare combination of high-level strategic thinking, insightful creative direction and passionate leadership.  Every day, Pamela sets her sights on the extraordinary and moves people to achieve exactly that."

   Tessa Tinney, Partner 

Monaco Lange


Collaborate. Transform.   Grow.



Branding and Marketing Consultants 

PD Moffat 

"Working alongside Pamela and watching how she incorporated her innovative thinking and effective leadership into every situation was a great learning experience.  It was a pleasure working with her over many years on a variety of challenges with outcomes always beyond my high expectations. "  

   Larry Hausner, Former CEO American Diabetes Association